Big Zero Waste Alternative List!

Once you start analyzing your life through a zero waste lens, suddenly everything you once used without thought becomes an issue to be solved. I remember that time of my life well: it’s both exciting and really intimidating to begin to face down the changes you need to make!

Here’s a huge plastic-free alternatives list for you to begin making some swaps in all areas of your life. That being said, a huge caveat: going zero waste does not mean throwing everything you own away and buying sustainable alternatives. There is nothing further from zero waste than throwing away a perfectly functional item just because it doesn’t suit your current lifestyle.

So go through and mark down some items you’d like to try once your current products run out. Only then should you carefully, consciously buy products that will actually serve a purpose. (And buy second hand wherever possible.)

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Plastic-free alternatives list - bedroom

Plastic-free alternatives list - bathroom
Plastic-free alternatives list - toiletries/beauty
Plastic-free alternatives list - cleaning

Considering buying through Amazon? Not a great company, but very accessible for a lot of people so no judgement here! Check out a post on how to reduce the packaging waste you get from Amazon and make sure to opt out of two-day delivery to drastically reduce your carbon emissions.  Also, try searching through Amazon Warehouse for deals on items with minor defects that have been returned or deemed unsellable on the main site.

Plastic-free alternatives list - cooking

Plastic-free alternatives list - eating

  • second-hand plates and cups
  • glass or wooden serving bowls
  • cloth napkins
  • silicone stasher bag for storage
Plastic-free alternatives list - on the go
Plastic-free alternatives list - shopping
Plastic-free alternatives list - office
Plastic-free alternatives list - laundry
Plastic-free alternatives list - toys


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