Krea: a joint venture

In September '17, Andra Sandru, was speaking about sustainability and fashion ethical practices at an event in central London.


It's there where she met Louise van Drumpt. The two reconnected and started talking about their projects, and previous experience in the in the fashion industry.

Andra Sandru  | Creative Director                           Louise von Drumpt | CEO          

Andra Sandru | Creative Director / COO                                     Louise van Drumpt | CEO


Andra was the creative director and founder of Acurrator, a minimalist RTW brand, and thanks to her previous experience as a product developer for high street, had great contacts in manufacturing and sourcing.


Acurrator | Ageless minimalism

Acurrator | Ageless minimalism - St Paul Capsule

Louise was an environmentalist / marketing expert, with the finger on the fashion pulse, and had recently laid the foundation of her own sustainable womenswear brand, LOU BLACK.


Making of | Alcon Collection by Lou Black

Making of  LOU BLACK's Alcon Capsule | Photo in one of our romanian ateliers


The two saw the opportunities and overlapping interests, and decided to embark in a joint venture - Krea Group: a holding company under which the two brands could hit the ground running, and share resources to penetrated the market and focus on sustainable practices.

In less than 4 months, the two, launched 2 capsule collections, found distributors in Europe and US, and were invited to showcase at 3 Fashion Weeks, next season.


 Backstage during London Fashion Week

Behind the scene | London Fashion Week


The goal of the company is to increase the portfolio of brands and cover different categories - from womenswear, manswear, accessories, and shoes. Each of them with different identities, but a shared DNA: complete transparency in the supply chain (give a story of the manufacturer), aspire to use fabrics the use less resources to be made (anywhere from organic cotton, to recycled fabrics, and upcycled trims), have a timeless and season-less aesthetic (no big "#bea" prints, no current "hypes", for an age-less demographic, that can use and accessorise the pieces according to match their personalities), and have a competitive price-tag /quality (working directly with manufacturers in Europe).


London Fashion Week | Acurrator and LOU BLACK rails 


The Krea brands will attend the upcoming Helsinki Fashion Week, 20-25 July '18, and showcase their capsules, launched earlier in the year, during London Fashion week. The event will focus on sustainable brands that embrace ethical practices.


RTW | Acurrator and LOU BLACK

Krea has listed the company on AIN and is looking for a strategic partner, to help the brands with the rapid expansion. Find out more on:


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