Sustainability and our brand identity geometric pattern

Last year we launch our first unitary collection, Ph.7

The name stands from the PH neutral value, between acid and alkaline. The capsule collection includes monochrome colour-block pieces, and bold geometric pieces. 

This print embodies our core aesthetic inspiration: minimalist design, geometry, architectural structures, clean lines, and gender neutral and complementary shades.

When we came up with it, we digital printed a small run that proved to be very popular. We then had to find a supplier for polyester fabric, perfect for sublimation printing.  Because of the printing process, we chose to use fabrics with mild dislocations and imperfections, that wouldn't pass quality control tests, and would be discarded. 

The end product is made to the highest standards, and doesn't have any visible flaws or dislocations, of course. 

This print is part of our brand identity and reflects our sustainability beliefs, so we'll play with variations of it in the seasons and years to come. 

Hope you like it.