The launch @LFW

During SS18 London Fashion Week, we had two major events, that marked a great start for the collaboration of the Krea sister-brands.

1. The Launch of Lou Black

The brand’s first capsule collection after the merge, Alcon is the embodiment of timeless pieces, with a twist, and a very feminine feel. 

The love for the environment is what Lou Black is trying to transpose into each high-end piece of the capsule, and stands by it’s core beliefs: reduce, reuse and recycle. 

With recycled fabrics, and giving a new life cycle to reused trims, the goal is to reduce the impact we have on our planet, and design pieces that can stand the test of time. 



2. Presenting Acurrator’s latest capsule - Sloane

Acurrator’s 4th  RTW capsule collection, stay core to it’s minimalist aesthetic, and geometric inspiration. 

Unlike some of the other capsules, that had a more asymmetric and monochrome look, this capsule uses the trade mark print of the brand, under another spectrum of colours, together with black and white patterns for a bolder visual impact.

Sloane is made with the same love for ethical practices as Lou Black, in European ateliers, where each piece is crafted with individuality (without the price tag).

The merge under one Group comes with a great team ( if we do say so ourselves), and excitement for the next big things - like tackling the retail industry ( both in niche designers boutiques and big accounts), affiliated marketing with some inspirational people, and the sheer pleasure of traveling the world to find inspiration for our next steps. 

For any inquiries, feel free to get in touch and we’ll follow up promptly, of course.