A women’s apparel and accessories brand, ACURRATOR is the love child between a minimalist and a fashion-anthropology enthusiast.

Since we hatched, last year, we developed a few capsule collections, and soon got picked up by retailers, and drop-shipping marketplaces world wide. 

Defining or DNA meant narrowing down from the things we merely like to the ones we truly love. We like a lot of things but what we love is digital printed fabrics, architecture, minimalist urban aesthetics, asymmetries, the origami technique and exploring technical and sustainable fabrics.


Targeting urban women, between 16-60 years old, our customer is an urban XY, fashion-conscious and active on social media, always looking for inspiration, and trying to be unique in a discrete way.

While inspired by seasonal trends, we don't focus on volatile mass-market collections, rather on versatile pieces, that can be used in countless environments, heels to sneakers, and accessorised to be current in seasons to come.

We aim to cater to a group of individuals that overlap with our DNA, and gain a brand following that we’ll have to prove ourselves to in the years to come.


Like most start ups, the process starts by designing and sampling in-house, to photo shoots, then move to micro production. 

We think that ethical and sustainable manufacturing will become the new normal, much like organic food has become mainstream. Brands are becoming more aware that their customers are becoming more interested in where garments come from, and how they are manufactured.

We also want to experiment with other types of manufacturing. We will integrate fabrics that are made in traditional, small batch artisans from different parts of the world that are well known for their crafts. We will combine the traditional aspects with innovating fabrics and techniques like 3D printing, Piñatex, Tencel, Laser Cutting.

We don’t claim to be a “sustainable brand” made only from recycled fabrics, in a solar panel powered shed, but what we can tell you is that we know the names of every person that ever worked on one of our garments. Know about their families, and what they plan to do once the working day is over.